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Free Yourself!

With the Freistil Sensitiv series, i+m offers fragrance free products for the sensitive, allergy prone skin for face, body and hair. The Cleansing Milk removes the days grime preparing the facial skin ready for the following care: Moisturizing Creme provides long lasting hydration or in the case of especially dry skin, the use of the nutritious Intensive Cream is highly recommend. During the summer months you can also switch to the light Fluid sensitive. The Eye Balm provides revitalising moisture and protects the sensitive area around the eyes.

Body and hair can be gently treated with the Shower Gel + Shampoo and the accompanying Conditioner. Apply the Body Lotion after a shower or bath to restore the sensitive skin’s own balance. Since frequently washing your hands damages the hydro-lipid protection of the skin, the use of the revitalizing hand cream several times a day leaves the skin feeling smooth and protected. Several of the i+m Freistil Sensitiv products received the best marks from the German ecological consumer magazine ÖKOTEST in which the products are wholeheartedly recommended.